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This week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site is “LINK” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:
[ https://haikuhorizons.wordpress.com ]

Two people get wed
Uniting two families
Adds links to the past.

The necklace link broke
Scattering the pearls on floor
Who’ll restring them now.

This prompt word is hard
Making it hard to create
Five seven five here

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My dear blog followers, I truly love that you are following me here on my blog. While I am doing great, the concentration of my writing has shifted ever since I’ve published my first two Christian books on January 11, 2020, as I am now a Christian blogger who share the words of the Lord daily.

Since no one is purchasing any of my books, regardless of the genre I have slowed down the progress on the completion of all of my writing endeavors, and am still looking to have my two secular romances completed by the end of November 2020.

Getting back to my Christian blog writing, I am now ranked #73 on this Christian women blog site:


I would love to move up on my ranking, and I am therefore asking each of you to support this endeavor by becoming followers of my Christian blog: http://www.RLMorgan1951.wordpress.com and to follow me on my Christian Twitter account [will follow you back]
THANKS for supporting me in this endeavor and have a BLESSED WEEKEND with your families from my family and me !!! 😊 😊 😊


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Ever since I published my first two Christian books on January 11, 2020, my life has gotten transformed:

These two books inspired me to begin writing my Christian blog, which I wound up aptly decided to name “Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman.” http://www.RLMorgan1951.wordpress.com  It is here that I found myself sharing the Lord’s words in ways I never got to believe had been possible before.

On my Christian blog, I am now, on an almost daily basis I do a daily scripture reflection. I am now back to doing what I hope will be a weekly occurrence, where I discuss a specific topic, going into more detail than my daily reflection using scripture in what I am attempting to communicate.

It is due to this that I’m now in the process of writing/compiling my third Christian book, which is now about 80% completed. This time, instead of fiction, the book will be nonfiction and fraught with scripture. I now hope to have the book published by the end of October. 

I had gotten locked out of my original Christian Facebook account a while back, so I created a new one. It is here that I had a Facebook group for my Sisters-in-Christ, which got lost at the same time. Ever since this loss, I felt I have been missing some

I have just created a new Christian Facebook group for all of my Sisters-in-Christ who are Christian Authors or Christian Bloggers. 


Naturally, to go along with the above, I now also have a Christian Twitter account http://www.twitter.com/RLMorgan13

I would love those followers I have here who are of the Christian faith to support me by following me on one of the above links or considering purchasing one of my two Christian books.

I AM NOW BACK to being involved with my secular endeavors, including finishing my two secular romances. “His Darkest Secret,” an Adult Contemporary romance, which, as far as I can recall, is about 85% – 90% complete. The second is my YA Urban Fantasy romance, “The Secret of the Well, ” a stand-alone sequel to my debut YA Paranormal romance, “I Kissed a Ghost,” which is about 80% finished.

Starting this coming Sunday, I will start on a complete re-read and re-editing of “His Darkest Secret,” which given my going Christian endeavors, I hope to type that elusive final period of this manuscript by mid-October.


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I know besides my possibly doing a recent post regarding the giveaway for one of my debut Christian books that I haven’t posted any for the longest period of time.

This past Thursday, April 29th, I got locked out of my Christian Facebook account, with Facebook telling me that my account has temporary been suspended due to suspicious activity on it. This is the second time this has happened to me.

The first time had been after getting out of the hospital where I had hospitalized for experiencing a loss of blood. Ultimately, my account got closed and I lost access to the Christian Facebook group I had created for my Christian sisters. I just pray that I’m not going to lose total access to my account for a second time.

With this occurring I’m beginning to wonder whether the Lord is sending me a message because for the past several months I’ve neglected all of my secular writing and blogging activities and have concentrated all of my time with all of Christian endeavors.

So, starting this Sunday, I cutting back on Christian endeavors so I devote part of my time each day to the secular activities of writing and blogging that I’ve been neglecting.

Have a BLESSED WEEK in whatever you’re going to be doing !!! 😊😊😊

My Christian blog for anyone who is interested is located here, and despite the title all of my Christian sisters are invited to become one of my followers there.



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My dear Christian brothers and sisters to celebrate my becoming a Christian blogger just over a year ago, originally on Blogspot.com and now on WordPress.com, I’ve decided to giveaway 10 KINDLES of my first Christian book [Christian Short Stories & Essays] on LibraryThing.com.  The giveaway ends on April 25th at 7:00 AM


If you should win I would appreciate receiving a book review on Amazon.com, GoodReads.com or LibraryThing.com, as well as your website/blogsite.

My Christian blog is entitled “Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman,”  http://www.RLMorgan1951.wordpress.com

THANKS for you kind support and have a MOST BLESSED DAY with whatever you’re going to be doing !!! 😊 😊 😊


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Last year I was still only an author with two books to my name as Robin Leigh Morgan and two more erotic books under a different pen name. Last year I was still only a blogger and a decently ranked book reviewer on Amazon. Last year I was still writing my multiple endeavors, which now included two Christian fiction books that got inspired by all the nonfiction Christian books I’d been reading and reviewing.

Little could I ever have expected what would take place after I would publish these two books on January 11, 2020. Here is the link to these two books on Amazon, which I wrote as R.L.Morgan.https://www.amazon.com/R-L-Morgan/e/B084G8JQP3

Each book is only $2.99 as a KINDLE and can be read for free if you have Amazon K.U. [KINDLE Unlimited].

A month after these books got published, I began writing my Christian blog, “Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman,” first on BlogSpot. Then do to issue connected to individuals wanting to follow it, I moved my blog to WordPress:


Shortly after this, I started a Facebook group to form a sisterhood for my Christian sisters to join, “Worldwide Christian Women United” https://www.facebook.com/groups/522823735286990.

These days I’m finding myself posting a Daily Scripture Reflection, a weekly discussion for a topic of interest many, if not, most Christians. I’ve also increased the number of reviews I’m writing for nonfiction Christian books, from about 45% of 260+ books I’d reviewed in 2019 to the almost 70% of the approximate 135 reviews I’ve written this; I’m posting these reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, and LibraryThing and my Christian blog.

I’m also finding myself interacting with other Christians, especially my Christian sisters, on the increasing number of Christian Facebook groups, where I’m posting scripture to their needs. If I didn’t know better, I feel as if I’ve started a ministry of my own.

I’ve just started a new account on Twitter, for the Christian woman I’ve become:  http://www.Twitter.com/RLMorgan13

If you’re a Christian, especially if you’re a Christian sister, I would love for you to become part of, and support my endeavors as I shared the word of our Lord with others, both Christians and non-Christians alike.

THANKS for being the Christians you are and have a MOST BLESSED DAY with whatever you’re going to be doing, especially if it involves doing something for our Lord.

Your Christian sister,

R.L. [Robin Leigh] Morgan

NUMBERS 6:24-26


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Ever since I published my first two Christian books on January 11, 2020, [ https://www.amazon.com/R-L-Morgan/e/B084G8JQP3 ], my life has been transformed in ways I’d never thought imaginable.
I started a Christian blog, “Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman,” on Blogspot.com. Issues regarding the site being unsafe, so I moved the blog to WordPress http://www.RLMorgan1951.wordpress.com , where I copied all the Christian nonfiction reviews I’ve written from my original blog site. Which got followed by creating a Christian Facebook group for all my Christian “sisters.”

With the COVID-19 virus afoot, I transferred all my writing attention to my Christian endeavors, causing me to put my two secular romance endeavors on the back burner. I’ve tried once to go back to writing these two manuscripts once so far but couldn’t get back into the mindset I would need. Now, starting tomorrow, Sunday, July 19, 2020, I’ll be back to placing some of my writing concentrations to completing these two endeavors before the end of the year, so these two novels will be ready for the Christmas holidays.

Coming down with writer’s block might be frustrating almost every author, I found myself even more frustrated when I discovered I might be facing some copyright issues as I wrote my third Christian fiction endeavor. Throwing the 25 pages I had written into the trash, I found myself somewhat depressed. But, the Christian stuff I’ve been writing for my blog, helps to restore my sense of having some worth. It’s rather frustrating when individuals.

What I need right now is to get followers for my Christian blog, so I can add more features to it. I’d love to get individuals to get copies of my Christian books, to give me an increased desire to write more Christian books, while not forgetting about my secular endeavors. The sale of all of my endeavors will allow me to get decent covers made for my books, instead of the covers merely stating the title. Individuals must be consistently liking my reviews on Amazon since my reviewer ranking is still quite good, 1,106 as of the last update. Any support I can get will be greatly appreciated.

A BLESSED SUNDAY to everyone and your families !!! 😊 😊 😊


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F or all practical purposes, JennyGayle always imagined she was talented.
AN d perhaps she was.
DA ily she could be seen in the spare bedroom in her luxury condo apartment working away at creating knick-knacks she wanted to sell at the annual artist event in her town.
N o one ever thought she would ever decide to enter one of the judging contests, let alone the one for handmade curios, but she did.
G regarious as she usually was, today, JennyGayle acted quite timid and shy as the judges started to carefully examine each item to determine the winner of the Grand Prize.
L Etting nothing pass her sight, she watched as the four judges huddle in a far corner discussing what they’ve seen, and as they paraded with the massive trophy, she became astonished when they stopped at her table and placed the trophy on it for having created the best FANDANGLE they’ve ever seen.


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Given the transformation that has occurred in my life, I want to share my prayer to our Lord and Savior.

Oh, my Lord, my Heavenly Father, it appears that you’ve made me a tool in a divine plan of your making.

Starting last year, you cause me to change the mixture of the various genres of books I’ve read/reviewed since August of 2014. You caused me in 2019 to read/review about 45% of the 260+ books I wrote reviews for to be nonfiction Christian books, which were well received, especially by the book’s various authors who all loved the scriptures I had included in my reviews for their books. These scriptures perfectly match the intention of their scriptures that I only could have included with your divine guidance. Guidance for which I’m grateful to have received.

Reading all of these nonfiction Christian books concerning the Greatness of your holy words caused me to forsake most of my secular writing endeavors and to write my first Christian romance [the genre in which I write most of my secular endeavors for]. As with all authors, I succumbed to the condition known as writer’s block. Suffering from writer’s block inspired me to do what I’ve done previously as a secular romance author, which had been to write a short story in response to a prompt word. However, this time, instead of writing stories that are only five sentences long, I got inspired to write more substantial short stories and essays related to the Christian faith. To write these stories, you, my divine Savior, gave me my needed inspiration as the dream you’ve caused me to dream, a dream that I remembered long enough to write the story on my computer. The marvelous transformation you’ve planned for me began to take hold, as I recognized these dreams as you speaking to me as an apparent obedient daughter.

Your guidance, my Holy Benefactor, caused me to seek out assistance to aid me in perfecting my writing ability. Now, with my story writing completed, your fantastic guidance gave me books to publish and release four days before my birthday on January 11 of 2020.

You, in your heavenly wisdom, my two published books have caused me to create a Christian blog called, “Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman,” where I can profess and share my faith about your glory to the world each day. First here
http://www.RLMorgan1951.blogspot.com but due to issues of individuals not being able to become a follower I’ve moved my blog over to http://RLMorgan1951.wordpress.com

Creating the blog then inspired me to create a Christian Facebook for my worldwide “sisters” to share our faith with each other, as well as to seek out our “sisterhood” in those times we need to receive support and prayers.
“Worldwide Christian Women United”

Lord, you can see the work I’ve been doing in your divine name, so would it spoil your plan for me, if I would get the number of blog followers I desire to have, or having more “sisters” joining the Christian “sisterhood” I have on Facebook. Patience is a virtue I know, so can I at least get a sign of what I need to do next to fulfill my dreams.

Your servant.

R.L. [Robin Leigh] Morgan

Please read my previous post to find out I’ve posted this.


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It started innocently enough as I began to read/review books from a variety of genres in August of 2014. Eventually, I became a TOP CONTRIBUTOR on Amazon for True Crime books. In 2018, I began to read nonfiction Christian books which, I thought nothing of since to me at that time it had been another genre of books. However, in 2019 my involvement with these books increase to my having read/reviewed about 45% of the 264 book reviews I wrote.

It had been during this time that my enthrallment with these books inspired me to write 2 Christian books of my own as R. L. Morgan, to separate them from the secular books I’ve written as Robin Leigh Morgan. Shortly afterward, I felt the need inside to do more regarding my involvement with the Christian faith, especially when you consider that by the end of January, the number of nonfiction Christian I had written was approaching 80% of all of my reviews. And on February 5, 2020, I made the uplifting spiritual experience by starting my Christian blog site called, “Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman,” where I started posting a Daily Scripture Reflection.

[If you have a problem connecting to my blog, it might be because you’re using CHROME as your browser. Then go to and click on “Read My Blog” at:


Along with these reflections, I began posting the reviews I wrote for nonfiction Christian books.

Then came the sudden onslaught of the COVID-19 virus, and I needed to do more for my followers and my “sisters and brothers” of the Christian faith. Which is why on February 17, 2020, I decided to start posting a mini Christian service each Sunday, consisting of a:

Scripture Reflection
Supplication to the Lord
Christian Hymn/Song

The thing that is frustrating me the most, considering the person I’ve become in regards to the faith, is that I don’t have the number of followers I would love to have given the work I’ve been doing. Which is the reason why I’m imploring everyone reading this to please consider becoming a follower of my blog and let us share the Christian faith together.

THANKS for your time in reading what I’ve written here, and have a MOST BLESSED DAY with your families !!! 😊 😊 😊

BTW – If anyone reading this happens to be a “sister,” then you’re invented to check out my Christian Facebook group, “Worldwide Christian Women United.”



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If you a Christian woman, I would love for you to join my Facebook group: “Worldwide Christian Women United,” where we’re free to freely share our faith like the “sisters” we are in the faith.

I’ve got a strong faith-driven blog [“Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman”] where every day I post scripture for my followers to reflect on. On Sundays I also offer a supplication to the Lord, as well as a Christian song/hymn to complete a short service to the Lord. I also post my reviews for nonfiction Christian books. Members are allowed to promote their Christian books each Saturday [one post only] https://rlmorgan1951.blogspot.com

If you have a problem connection to the blog, your probably using CHROME as your browser. If this happens, you’re invited to go to:

https://about.me/r.l.morgan and click “Read My Blog” below the photo. At the bottom here, you can become my friend me on Facebook and a follower on Twitter.

Have a BLESSED DAY with whatever you’re going to be doing !!! 😊 😊 😊

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