Each one of us, especially those of us, I feel, who are pursuing a writing career, in the hopes of one day becoming an author need to make ourselves known before making our debut as an author.  It is EXTREMELY to sell your book, if no one knows who you are.  You not only have to market/promote your book, you must now market/promote yourselves.

One way to accomplish the task of marketing/promoting yourselves is through the use of blogs. Each blog community will tract a different population of followers. Why? The answer is varied. The answer could be as simple as the functionality of the site, some followers simply like one site over another simply because of the way you work with.

The more blogs you have, the better chances you have in creating a base of followers who might/should be quite interest in buy what you have to offer in terms of your book.  So far, I have four.  This one being my latest addion.

The other blogs I have are =

TWITTER –  http://www.twitter.com/mypennameonly

WEBSITE/BLOG  –  http://www.mypennameonly.webs.com

BLOG  –  http://www.mypennameonly.blogspot.com

Might you, handling more than two, is not really for those who are faint of heart, it takes time, and when you consider your emails, and monitoring of a possible group, and of course writing your manuscript it can become a full time job without any real benefits except for your end product.

It addition to the above, I am the creator of a group on Linked In, which is an excellent place to be to learn and hopefully create a following from your interactions with the group in terms of your responses to posts and the posting of your own discussions.  My group is called

“Authors/Writers Helping Authors/Writers”  To get there, click on this link


Until my next post