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With my reviewing the edits I’ve just received from my editor for Chapter 29, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Although my original plan of finishing my manuscript by the end of March is now going to be a definite memory, I can see that the middle of April will be when my dream to write my first YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance manuscript will now come to fruition.

Once it is completed, a brief wait and then it’s a final slow review of the complete manuscript making sure I have a continuity of all of the components for the story and that I haven’t confused any of my character’s names.

I plan to start/finish Chapter 30 of my manuscript by tomorrow which by coinciedence is April Fool’s Day [but this is not going to be a joke.]


GHOST WHISPERS #7 – March 26, 2012

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A little later that night, Mary dropped a large pen on the floor, and Suzy ran away with it. Suzy dropped it on the floor under the dresser. When Mary tried reaching for it, she couldn’t. Then for some reason, she tried moving the dresser on the right side.

When she did, the dresser seemed to slide to the left along with the floor under it, revealing a small door in the middle of the wall. Mary peeked inside and, because it was dark, she decided to get the still-lit oil lantern from her desk.

Unsure of what lay past the doorway, Mary hesitated before stepping inside. When she did, the doorway she had just entered disappeared, and there in front of her stood her ghostly figure, no longer ghostly or opaque, but a solid living person. She glanced down at herself, no longer seeing her jeans, tee shirt and sneakers. Instead, she wore a dress, black shoes and short white socks–the same clothes she found the other day, only now, they looked new.

GHOSTLY WHISPER #6 – March 19, 2012

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“How did Mary know about our idea? It’s too big of a coincidence for her to have dreamt about having a sleepover the same night we had planned it?” said Megan.

“I know what you mean. She couldn’t have known what we had quietly discussed while she was gone helping her mother,” replied Samantha. “And that could only mean one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Her ghost told her. And this is the reason why we’ve decided to have the sleepover in the first place.”

“This means we’re going to have to keep our eyes open even more on Friday night, as anything could happen now,” said Alexis. “Agreed?”

GHOSTLY WHISPER #5 – March 14, 2012

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All of a sudden, things started to float all over the room, but Mary was standing in the middle of the room, far away from where she had controlled everything before.

More and more things began to happen.

“Hey, someone just blew in my ear,” Grace said, jumping a foot away from her spot.

“Who poked me?” Samantha asked, color draining from her face.

“Who pulled my hair?” Alexis asked then stared at Mary with her mouth open in a huge O.

With so many things happening, everyone started to leave.


GHOSTLY WHISPER #4 – March 9, 2012

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Alexis asked, “How do you like all the homework we got yesterday?”

Another ordinary question, which Mary answered, “This teacher likes to give us a lot, huh?’

With these questions out of the way, her friends began to ask about things geared to make fun of her and her house.

“Come on Mary, we know you didn’t do the math homework yourself. You had help,” said Emily

“We know your ghost did it for you, when you weren’t in your room.” Megan flashed Emily a knowing look.

I can’t tell them it’s the truth. I can’t tell them because if I do, they’ll tease me about believing in ghosts. I don’t like it, but I’m going to have to lie.

GHOSTLY WHISPER #3 – March 4, 2012

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A girl who introduced herself as Alexis blurted, “Everyone in town knows your house is haunted.”

The others nodded, and Alexis added, “No one has lived there since before we were born. Every Halloween, we’d go inside to see who could stay the longest without running out scared to death. Last year I won. I stayed in there for almost an hour.”

“The house looked great when we moved in,” replied Mary.“How long has it been empty?”

“As far as I know, it’s been empty since before I was born,”said Samantha repeating what Alexis had just told Mary.

GHOSTLY WHISPER #2 – March 1, 2012

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When it was time to go to bed, she took her covers into the closet, keeping the door open. She turned off the light and fell asleep with Suzy at her feet. Mary didn’t wake up when three o’clock rolled around this night.

When the ghostly figure appeared, it floated around Mary’s bedroom three times as usual and then disappeard into the closet. Finding Mary sleep on the mattress there, it paused and sat down on a chair near her.

The ghost peered at Mary for several minutes. Then it got up and floated over to her. Bowing down, it kissed Mary on her forehead and like Sleeping Beauty, she awoke from her sleep.

GHOSTLY WHISPER #1 – February 28, 2012

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Making their way through Macy’s, Mary once again turned around to see if anyone had followed them. And when they reached a far corner of the children’s department, she pulled on Jonathan’s arm, forcing him to turn around and look at her. The instant he did, she gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.

In astonishment, Jonathan’s body jumped backwards, his eyes opening in amazement, as did his mouth.