GHOST WHISPERS #10 – April 29, 2012

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Miss. Adams told Jonathan to sit in Ashley’s seat and asked Mary to raise her hand so he would know where he’d sit for the remainder of the school year.

Mary did not like the idea of having him sitting next to her and wondered why Miss Adams couldn’t have him sit in the back row.

As Jonathan sat down he reached out to shake his hand with Mary.

“Hi I’m Jonathan Hudson, may I ask what your name is?

Mary didn’t know how to react. No boy had ever asked to shake her hand or had asked her a question in such a polite and formal manner, so she responded softly, “My name is Mary.”

Mary looked at him and thought he was kind of cute. She liked his hair; the clothes he wore and thought he had a pleasant voice. However the glasses he wore made him look a little like a nerd.


GHOST WHISPERS #9 – April 17, 2012


The moment her mother left, closing the bedroom door behind her, Mary turned toward George, “Why didn’t my mother see you standing next to me?”

“Ghosts can only be seen by one member of the family.”

After giving her this explanation, George disappeared–not through the wall behind the dresser as he usually did–but this time he disappeared right in front of her eyes, laughter echoing as he vanished.



I can no longer allow myself to be distracted by other matters. Other matters which are not really that important but needs to get done.

Losing the momentum I had previously [I know I’ve said this before] has caused me to go back to the beginning of my manuscript once again to re-read what I’ve already written making new edits as I turn each page.

I’ve done about 75 pages already, and have about 115 more to go. I’ve made several changes, tightening everything as I go, and adding 575 words. As I look towards the end of my manuscript I believe I’ll need about an additional 10,000 words / 40 pages / 5 chapters to finish it.

It’s amazing how many little tweaks needs to be made to get a manuscript just right.

Stay tuned to this blog for additional snippets from my manuscript, and as always, feedback would be appreciated.

GHOST WHISPERS #8 – April 7, 2012

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Pulling on his arm to get him to move faster, Mary pushed him inside the playhouse and pulled two chairs together so they were facing each other. “Sit down.” Mary motioned for him to sit across from her.

Jonathan had a perplexed expression on his face, and Mary realized she had never acted so impulsively before. Once he sat down, Mary reached over, grabbed his hands, and looked sadly into his eyes as she started to talk.

“Thank you for liking me for being who I am. You’re the first boy who hasn’t made fun of me for being so plain looking.”

“Why would you say something like that?You’re not ugly.”

Mary’s eyes filled with tears so she dropped her gaze from him, not wanting him to see her cry.