I can no longer allow myself to be distracted by other matters. Other matters which are not really that important but needs to get done.

Losing the momentum I had previously [I know I’ve said this before] has caused me to go back to the beginning of my manuscript once again to re-read what I’ve already written making new edits as I turn each page.

I’ve done about 75 pages already, and have about 115 more to go. I’ve made several changes, tightening everything as I go, and adding 575 words. As I look towards the end of my manuscript I believe I’ll need about an additional 10,000 words / 40 pages / 5 chapters to finish it.

It’s amazing how many little tweaks needs to be made to get a manuscript just right.

Stay tuned to this blog for additional snippets from my manuscript, and as always, feedback would be appreciated.