As of last night I can physically see the light at the end of the tunnel right. I’ve successfully completed the rewrite of one chapter where I moved the action from one location to another. The rough part of doing this is making sure to change all of the references to the new location of the action.

Now in Chapter 30, with two more pages to go in the chapter, I’m in the midst of changing the action taking place, where, again, I need to make sure all of the references get changed as well.

Once I’m sure everything has been changed, I’ll only have nine more pages to go for the end of the chapter, the end of my current manuscript. In other words, I’ve reached the end of the tunnel and now I’ll have the daylight and the warmth of the sun on face; and no longer will I have to deal with the dark dank environment of the tunnel that I’ve been imprisoned for in more the past three weeks.