Here I am just after a brief rest from writing, finishing the grammar/spell check on my manuscript like I had planned.  All went and I made all the necessary changes. However along the way I found two things which, for some reason I had overlooked.  This means the basking in the sun I enjoyed the other day is now nothing but a dream. It means I need to go back to the beginning of that tunnel and correct those problems. 

The first is a mix-up of two characters, which would have been a tedious endeavor to correct, but thanks to find/replace it became a downhill journey, coasting the entire way.

The second problem is going to be more intensive problem to correct. I need to replace what I’ve written with pronouns. Imagine having a characters stated three times in a paragraph.  I need to decide a plan if action. Do I start now, or I forge ahead with my writing or do I return to the beginning once again to start the corrections.   Given the time [it’s almost midnight] I’m going to sleep on this issue and make my decision of the first things I’m going to do when I wake up.