GHOSTLY WHISPERS # 13 – June 30, 2012

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At bedtime, Mary’s mother tucked her for the night. She said, “Don’t worry if you have trouble falling asleep. You’re in a new room, and it’s normal to have problems sleeping the first few nights.”

Her comment made Mary feel a little more relaxed and the fact she had Suzy sleeping next to her, helped as well.

Mary was resting comfortably, when around three o’clock, she felt a faint kiss on her forehead. She awoke, startled at seeing a very faint shadow of light quickly float around the room until it disappeared into the closet. She might not have seen anything had it not been for Suzy barking as it drifted around the room.

Yikes! Is this a ghost?  But there’s no such thing as ghosts. Ghosts are imaginary all year round, but especially at Halloween.

But, Mary did see something, and Suzy barked at it, so there had to be someone or something in her room. Putting the incident aside, Mary went back to sleep with Suzy sleeping next to her.

The next morning when Mary looked around her room, she saw nothing had changed. Yet she still felt as if something had.



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After being on GRAND JURY, which I found a very interesting experience for the past four weeks, I’m back. The down side is that it took away a great deal of time from all my regular online activities and writing. I should be posting another snippet shortly. Needless to say during this time period I didn’t make any significant headway in finishing my YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel; and at the present time I estimate I only need about 25 more pages to able to type that last period. I’ve been working with my editor as I wrote my manuscript, so once she’s finished editing my final pages, I will take a slooow slooow final read tweaking it wherever needed. In the meantime, I still have to gather the funds I need to complete the self-publishing process. I’ve chosen to go with which is owned by Amazon. I’ve done my research and from what I’ve seen with other books they produce, they do good quality work.


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I’ve been called for GRAND JURY, four days a week for four weeks. Needless to say that this takes a great deal of time away from my writing as I get lots of emails each day.

During the down time between hearing each case, I’ve attempted to do some writing, but with everyone talking about different topics and my wanting to join in, there’s no time to write. I tried doing some re-reading and editing, and with the noise which is created by everyone else, I can’t seem to concentrate.

In the meantime, I did an outline of what I want to write about in each chapter. At this time I’ve already written 31 chapters, on 191 double-space pages, with about 49,600 words. and anticipate I’ll need another 25 pages or about 6,200 additional words before I can type the LAST PERIOD.