At bedtime, Mary’s mother tucked her for the night. She said, “Don’t worry if you have trouble falling asleep. You’re in a new room, and it’s normal to have problems sleeping the first few nights.”

Her comment made Mary feel a little more relaxed and the fact she had Suzy sleeping next to her, helped as well.

Mary was resting comfortably, when around three o’clock, she felt a faint kiss on her forehead. She awoke, startled at seeing a very faint shadow of light quickly float around the room until it disappeared into the closet. She might not have seen anything had it not been for Suzy barking as it drifted around the room.

Yikes! Is this a ghost?  But there’s no such thing as ghosts. Ghosts are imaginary all year round, but especially at Halloween.

But, Mary did see something, and Suzy barked at it, so there had to be someone or something in her room. Putting the incident aside, Mary went back to sleep with Suzy sleeping next to her.

The next morning when Mary looked around her room, she saw nothing had changed. Yet she still felt as if something had.