YES, things are getting closer and closer each day. Yesterday I completed writing my second chapter [CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE], for a total of twenty-one pages since I began writing again on July 6th. I’m on schedule so far with my daily writing target, however, at the same time I’ve realized I’m going to need a few more pages than I had originally planned. Oh well such things happen every day to authors, and I am no exception.

Having completed this chapter I’ve emailed my editor to advise I’d be sending her these two chapters later on today. I also emailed her, to find out whether we’ve worked on Chapters 30/31 already, as I can’t find any editing for these chapters.

Right now, I’ll be taking a brief rest and then it’s on to reading the emails in my various accounts and checking on my twitter account where I’m quickly getting to my 2,000th follower.