With chapters 30-33 now in the hands of editor, and with me being on target writing three pages a day, I’m sitting here reflecting on what I should do next.

Of course I know I have at least one more read through making sure I’ve got all my “I”s dotted, and that all my “T”s have been crossed. At the same time I know I must check for continunity, making sure my timeline is in place and things have not occurred out of sequence somewhere along the way from typing my first capital letter to the typing of my last name. I also know I have to make sure that none my characters have suddenly changed places, or have sudden become alive again [unless they happen to be a ghost] having died previously in my story. All of these things are given and are relatively easy to handle, but…

Yes, but the question I have in my mind now is, “How do I handle the typing of the 80-100 word synopsis needed for my book? How do I cut something I’ve given birth to, cut something I’ve ‘nutured’ and have seen grow from a speck of an idea into what I have now, into so few words? How am I going to be able to get down to the pure essence of what I’ve written without my bias about it coming into play?

So, I’m thinking the best thing to do right now would be to sleep on it, and perhaps somehow the solution to this enigma will come to me in a dream–a dream which needs to become an reality.