Call it a short game of tennis or a game of ping pong, but in recent days I’ve sent five chapters to my editor in three emails, chapters 30/31 , chapters 32/33 and lastly chapter 34. I received the first two batches of chapters back from my editor over the weekend. Today I decided to put aside any thought of writing of any new material for my novel, and instead concentrate on review of the edits and changes I received from her.

Reviewing I believe, and you may or may not agree, is harder [more time consuming] than writing something anew. Not only are you reading the changes, you’re also looking to see if anything has been changed in what you had originally wanted to communicate in those words. At the same time you’re now making these changes permanent.

Well after about six hours of being a slave to this endeavor, I’m happy to say I’ve reach the end. Now for a brief rest until tomorrow, where I’m either going to be a slave to my own words again, or I’ll be allowed to create additional new pages leading to that all important final period.