As I stated in my last post I had just received two batches back from my editor [four chapters]. I spent a small part of that day [about 2 hours] reviewing what she had done. The next day [July 20th] I spent about four more hours reviewing the remaining pages I did not do the day before. I took a break, however once I went back to continue writing the remaining few pages for my novel, I realized something I had no anticipated earlier.

In the last chapter, as I’ve already told you, I had been able to write seven pages in one day. The seemed to flow at a breakneck speed onto the screen I had been sitting in forth of. Now wanting to start writing anew, I realized the chapter had not gone the way I had originally planned. Although the product I had been better, I feel as if my writing has been derailed.I’m now at a standstill, trying to get my bearings of where I should go from here. The end of my story is still in sight, no different then it had been before, I merely have to think of a way to clear away the [mental] blockage which my breakneck speed writing had created. Once this has been accomplished I can “slowly” bring my writing speed back to normal, writing my usual three to four pages again.

Thanks for following me as I approach the final destination, the terminal at the final period of my novel. And if possible, I’d appreciate a mention of my blog here. This might sound selfish and somewhat conceited, but I would love having a throng of people waiting for me when I arrive.  🙂  🙂  🙂