With my other half on vacation my regular daily routine of being on the internet, managing my groups on LinkedIn, twitter, and of course my writing went by the wayside. When I finally returned to it, I had a backlog which took several days before I could get back on track. With the backlog out of the way I finally returned to my writing. However, I first had to re-read [and do some more tweaking along the way] my entire manuscript to refresh my memory of what I’ve written. But, as always, little things kept on interfering with my desire to finally type that ELUSIVE FINAL period for my novel.

Being ready to continue on my quest, new element has arisen; my editor went on vacation, and won’t return until the end of next week. So with approximately twelve more pages to go I figure the best thing to do is to outline my next novel(s) with the ideas my muses had given me, and spend two days next week concentrating my writing solely on my first novel.

This time lag is also allowing me to begin my quest for someone to do the cover for my book, so I’m searching the net, asking people I know for suggestions. I’d like to get someone who lives no more than thirty minutes away from where I live, so we can talk face to face instead of the impersonal use of the phone.

Next time, I’m definitely going to make a little room to do posts on my blog, even if it’s just saying some about my vacation.