Last Thursday I had a setback, which I wrote about in my last post, when I realized that the last chapter and a half I had written had to be placed in the proverbial cylindrical file. But soon got rectified as I wrote eleven pages that day and the next; and the weekend had been filled with prior commitment which allowed only three additional pages.

This might sound like the past weekend has been a total waste of time with no movement towards my typing that elusive final period, however it allow me time to significantly map out the final pages. The last two to four is now intended to be an epilogue of sorts, but since it’s a YA novel it will be merely another numbered chapter which will bring a “loose end” I had created previously back to the forefront and to conclusion.

All in all, I see myself still needing to write thirteen more pages, which will give me a total of 260 pages and approximately 67,000 words. And once that final elusive period gets type, this last batch of pages will be off to my editor, and at the same time I will begin to work with the graphic designer I plan to use to do the cover for my book.

This will now bring my to do list down to: writing an eighty to a hundred word synopsis, author blurb, and last but not least I’ll have to determine a price for my book for both a printed/Kindle copy of the book, which I’m probably to a poll for on the LinkedIn groups I belong to.