Why is this happening? This is a question for which I can’t fathom the reason. Usually, I write something once and aside from tweaking it a little, it remains written. Of course it goes without saying that from time to time I’ve, like almost every author has done, deleted an entire scene. Yet for some reason I can’t seem to write these last few pages. I write it and it seems quite good, but then I go back and delete it, and this has not just happen once, it has occurred three times it the past five days since my last post.

The main idea I have on how to end the story has remained the same. When I woke this morning I realized it hasn’t been the wording which has driven me to write and then deleted these last pages, it has been the length.

The length? I’m well in the parameters for the genre I’m writing in, then it must be something else.  Could it be the amount of detail I’ve written?

The amount of detail? I’ve had no real problem with this issue since I first began writing this novel several months ago. I’ve done through writing unforeseen and unwanted side trips away from the storyline and then deleting them with a whimper.

My current, self-imposed deadline for typing that elusive final period is Monday night. This way I should be able to get the last chapters of manuscript back from my editor. I’ll just have to rest this morning and until the afternoon, clearing my mind [hopefully] from all other matters and distractions, and keeping my pen and paper close at hand in case any of my muses comes up with an idea to help me.