As I said in my of post of  Sunday. September 23:

It’s about 1:30 here on the east coast, so later this morning when I wake up I’ll be sending a total of four chapters to my editor; leaving the final chapter as a “surpise”/second ending to my novel. As it stands now I have about 260 pages / 66,900 words.”

When I received her edits on Tuesday and she had responded like I thought she would, she didn’t expect the ending I had written at the end of Chapter 39, and said she liked it a lot, and like me she’s looking to seeing my book in print.

With her edits in hand on this past Tuesday, I sent the real last chapter, Chapter 40.  When I did, I told her that I had been untruthful by telling her she had read/edit everything for my novel.  You might say that I fooled her, and you would be right. I also told her that I couldn’t end my story on such a sad note, and that I still had a “loose” end that I haven’t taken care of yet, and that she’ll see it was when she reads it.

Reading her response this time, I smiled.  She called me a brat for having kept her hanging in the way I did, and that I was sooooo “bad” for doing it. Given this, I can’t wait until she reads his, all four pages of it.

The other thing I did this past Monday was to start writing one of the two ideas my muses gave me while I was finally approaching my typing that elusive final period.  One of the ideas my muses gave me was for another YA, the other was for a contemporary paranormal romance.  The contemporary one seemed clearer in my mind, so I began writing and wrote three pages with about 925 words.  With this novel beginning its journey to the day its final elusive period gets typed, I wonder with my muses will allow me to write both stories at the same period. If I do try to write both of these same stories at the same time, I know my muses will be fighting to see which one gets worked on each day. So anyway, its Thursday and I’m enjoy having nothing to do regarding writing, and I’ll wait a few more days before I jump back in, that is unless I get the urge to write something again…you know how those muses can be.