As I wrote in my last entry my muses had run amok and I had completed writing five chapters with  approximately 9,300 words.  Since that frenzied day of writing I’ve completed two reviews of my editor’s proofreading and editing. I wanted to start my last review, a review consisting of a detail review of my story’s continuity making sure I’ve not changed things without indicating how and when it happen, making sure characters have not gotten mixed up, and making sure no questions have gone unanswered in regards to things which have occurred has the story line progressed.

I do this using a hard copy printout on green-colored paper, I find this color paper to be easy on my eyes, etc.  The fact of the matter is, I didn’t have any and I still don’t. Each time I’ve intended to go to Staple’s something got in my way of going there.

Now getting back to the writing of my second romance novel, I had another chapter bringing the total to six chapters with about 10,500 words, when I decided to give about the first four pages to one of the authors I follow on a regular basis, who graciously agreed to critique them.  When I finally received the critique, I became happy hearing she liked what she read and it made her want to read more. I became ecstatic. She also gave me some great pointers on how to improve on what I’ve written.

Given I didn’t have the colored paper I needed, I proceeded to follow the advice I’d been given. And in the past five days I completed a total revamping of my story so far. I’ve intensified the action in several scenes, I’ve added conflict between two characters in one part, and increase the emotion being created in others.  All-in-all I feel I’ve greatly increase the readability of the novel’s story.

So tomorrow, come hell or high water I’m going to Staples, get my much needed green paper. I’m also going to set a two week limit, ending on October 29th to complete this task.  Hopefully if everything goes as I’ve planned my first novel will see the light of day between the middle and end of November, just in time to get my book as a gift for the holidays