Well yesterday I finally got my ream of green paper, so now I can finally start doing my last in-depth review I’d mentioned previously. I’ve got my pen and paper ready at my side to take notes as to characters and events in order to have a continuity present through the story.

I really wanted to start today, however as I wrote in a previous entry, the best laid plans of mice and men oft time go astray, and this time it was no exception.  And since it’s going to take several weeks to get the cover designed [a timeframe I hadn’t anticipated], I’ve got an open ended window to complete this final trek to publication and release into the world of my first novel, a YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance. I Kissed a Ghost.

With this minor setback, I can now also devote some time to the writing of my next yet untitled novel, a contemprorary/paranormal romance.  When I reported my status regarding this endeavor the last time, I only had five chapters, forty pages with about 9,300 words. Since then I had asked someone who’s blog I follow and participate on a regular on-going basis whether she would be so kind as to give me feedback on my first four pages [not much – but enough to give her a taste of my writing style]. End result, she loved what I had shown her and wished she could read more; she also gave me some pointers which I’ve already put into place and now those first forty pages are now forty-four with approximately 10,500; one these had been to intensify my writing.  And as of today, I’ve written seven chapters with 68 pages and approximately 16,000, and if I continue at this rate, the first draft of this manuscript might complete about the same time as the release date for my YA nove, the beginning of December.  

So THANKS for following me here on WordPress.com  🙂  🙂  🙂