It’s a great feeling when things come together and progess can occur on more than one project at the same time. In the last three days, I’ve reviewed three more chapters consisting of fifteen additional pages. And my stats for reviewing my completed manuscript now stands at nine chapters out of forty being being complete, consisting of a total of fifty-five pages out of 265. Hopefully this will translate to having my review totally completed by next Sunday.

When I take a break for doing the review for my completed manuscript, and if I have nothing else to do, I return to writing my next novel. And in the past three days, I’ve written two more chapters consisting of fourteen new pages and about 2,700 new words. This brings the total for my next manuscript to nine chapters, eighty-two pages, with approximately 18,600 words.

If I continue at this rate for my next yet untitled novel, an adult contemporary/paranormal romance, I might be finished about the same time my first book is release. And the only question I have so far is what name I should to write it under. Should it be different, especially since my second novel will be adult, instead of a YA [young adult] which is the genre of my first book.