Yesterday I decided to take my first real major step towards having my first novel published. I called CreateSpace and started the procedure to produce the front and back covers for my first novel. I selected the package which would best suit my needs and paid for it.  Now I’ve got to complete the questionaire they sent me and return it to them—thirty minutes later I can call them to discuss my answer in greater detail so they can understand my needs better. I’ve been advised it can take about six weeks to complete the process which gives me amble time to complete my final review of my edited manuscript. However, I’m not one to wait to the last minute, and I’m aiming to complete my hard copy review and enter all the changes into word. And as of yesterday, I’m more than 36% completed.

Once I’ve completed the entry of my final changes, I can begin working with CreateSpace to help format the interior.

Since all my writing efforts are now being concentrated on getting my book published, the writing of my next novel is being put on the back burner.