Living in NYC as you might have guessed as impacted the entire city beyond belief. The area, aside from several trees, I live in luckily didn’t suffer any severe damage. The subway system has been 80% restored already, and the rest of the city is coming back to life. Our mayor had finally decided to cancel this year’s NYC Marathon, only after pressure from local politicians, community leaders, who stated the valuable resources which would have used to oversee the running the marathon need to be put to better use serving the citizens of the city to get back to normal.

Anyway, my twitter acccount has been hacked and numerouse mass DMs have been sent out without my knowledge—blocking from sending out DMs I need to sent out. I have changed my password twice in the past week, and twitter had to reset my password as well for the second  time, due to their feeling my account had been hacked.

Right now, a week has gone by since I first contacted CreateSpace to design the cover for my book and I anticipate it will take another four to five weeks for it to be completed. In the meantime I’m still in the process of entering the final changes I’ve made to a hard copy of my manuscript. It’s a good thing, as I’m still finding a few tweaks which need to be made, including a “major” error in continuity in which I had written something has happened for the first time TWICE.

As far as the status of my entering these changes are concerned, I’ve completed entering 20 Chapters out of 40 [50%] ; 127 pages out of 262 [48.5%].  In addition, I’ve also added an additional three pages with an additional 698 words.  You might be asking the question of why so many words have been added, the answer is this is normal.  When you’re writing your manuscript, you’re constantly seeing on a screen in front of you, when you’re hold it in your hands and manually making the changes as you read your manuscript aloud. Now that you’re entering your changes into your document program, you’re using a different set of senses. What is most interesting of all I’ve found out from even the traditionally published authors I know, that even though their book had been published for a few weeks there are change they’d have like to have made before their book got published.

I anticipate I should be finished this phase [entering my changes into WORD] by Tuesday or Wednesday. Once this is completed I can return to writing my next still untitled novel, an adult Contemporary Paranormal Romance, where I’ve already written 8 Chapters consisting 82 pages with approximately 18,600 words.