This past Wednesday morning [11/7] I had my first telephone conversation with the design team from CreateSpace for the front cover of my first novel. We discussed what elements I’d like to have present in the cover; since the title of my novel is  I Kissed a Ghost, you can imagine what two elements will definitely be there. They advised me it would take five business days to get back to me, which will make it next Friday, November 16th.

I’m still in the process of entering the tweaks I made to my edited manuscript into Microsoft WORD, and along the way, needless to say, I made a few more. Once I’ve completed this, I plan to do a few searches for key words which hopefully will tighten up the story.  These words are words which every author, especially those like myself have decided to go the self-published route, definitely needs to look for. The words I’ll be looking for is

“NOT” – contractions are used in colloquial speech so I’d need to “didn’t” instead of “did not” / “couldn’t” instead “could not” , etc.

“WAS”/”WERE” – To try to eliminate as many passive sentences as possible.

“THAT” – is very often an unnecessary word which when removed doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence, and at the same time can increase the flow of words as someone reads it. “THAT” I feel creates a mental pause in reading.

“WHICH” – making sure it hadn’t been used instead of “THAT”

“WOULD” – is another word which can be made into a contraction for the same reason as for the word “NOT”.  I’m also going to look for other possible contarctions to tighten my dialogue even further.

And lastly, I even got to write another chapter for my still untitled contemporary paranormal romance.