Monday I got a set of two concepts for the front cover of my book, however I got a disappointment in that both were not age appropriate. Someone must have not read the answer I gave for the target audience for the book [girls, between the ages of 12-14[15]. I’m not blaming no one, just putting it as an unfortunate delay in getting my debut novel release.

I’ve just finished writing my bio, as well as the synopsis [teaser] for the back cover, and I need to gave it look at by my editor and another author I know.

The tweaking continues, good thing as I’ve found a real world inconsistency that existed in the manuscript which needed to be corrected.

Anyway, Friday if all goes well, I should be receiving another two concepts for the book’s cover; at which time I should have also received feedback for the back cover’s bio/teaser synopsis.

Hopefully by Sunday I should have totally completed by tweaking concentrating on the words, “THAT”  / “WHICH” / “WOULD” [again].  Once this phase is completed I’m going to format the interior [page number, margins/interior margin of some dialogue, and place of chapter pages, are correct]  I’m going to design the title page, write the dedication/acknowledgment page, as well as the copyright page.

Hopefully when all is set and done, I’m hoping I can release “I Kissed a Ghost” by December 7th.