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I know it’s been nine days since my last post, but I’ve been EXTREMELY busy marketing it especially since being surprised when my book appeared on Amazon as soon as I’d approved its release, instead of the several days I’d been originally advised.

The link to my debut YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel is

The novel is also available on


I’ve visited a few times already, however I haven’t looked at the sales ranking yet; and I’m not going to until after New Year’s Day, Wednesday, January 2nd after lunch. I want to see know well my initial marketing efforts have done. Before I began to write this entry, I checked the number of “LIKES” I’ve received so far every day around this time, and at last count I’ve received 21.  Hopefully, this will, when I check my sales ranking on Wednesday it will show a “decent” figure.

Since my last post I’ve also returned to writing my next novel, and have only written one additional chapter, and the word count so far stands at approximately 21,500.

The only thing different in the way I’m writing this novel is I’m formatting each page as I write, and what I get is a page resembling an actual page out of the book it. My goal each day I write is to type two such pages each day I write. I’d like to be finished writing the first draft by the end of April, before I begin the re-reads and editing.

Thanks for being with me as I made my maiden journey to authordom and continuing on to its marketing. I’d like to do blog interviews and perhaps a guest blog somewhere.

Lastly, I’d to invite everyone to follow me on



Wishing all my followers and your families a VERY Happy New Year




Things are happening at an unbelievable rate now. No sooner did I post my previous entry than my doorbell rang. UPS was there with the PROOF COPY of my book in hand. Needless to say I had been totally surprised as the item must have been shipped so fast that the tracking information didn’t have a chance to appear on my account.

The excitement didn’t stop there, I called CreateSpace to advise them I’m ready to release the book, they walked me through the finalization steps for the book to appear on my e-store so I can sell the book more directly; and the instant I pressed “publish my book” it was there. At this point, I had been advised it would take a few days for the information I entered for my e-store to cross over to

From the moment I typed the first word of my manuscript until the moment my finger typed the final period, the experience can best be described as being on a roller coaster–an experience which I wrote about on website/blog and duplicate on my three other blog sites.

So with this my dream of becoming an author has finally been fulfilled, because my debut novel, a YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance, entitled “I Kissed a Ghost” has at long last been finally  released.

You might say my day couldn’t get any better, but, it did…WHY?  Because, when for curiosity sake I decided to check for my book, it was already there, available for everyone to purchase and enjoy. [Naturally, I couldn’t believe this, so I called, and became ecstatic when I got inform my book is indeed LIVE.

 My book is currently available on Amazon at


It will also be available shortly for





For those who live in any other country you’ll have to use the Amazon site you normally use to ordering your books. I expect to have the Kindle edition available in a few weeks which will increase the distribution area to those countries that can get Amazon kindle for their geographic area.

If anyone is interested in having a better idea of what my book is about, and to read a little of it, I’ve posted several UNEDITED SNIPPETS here on my blog, under the category of GHOSTLY WHISPERS.


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The best laid plan of mice/man…you know how it goes. I had some unforeseen problems before I could give my approval and be able to get the PROOF COPY of my debut novel. Right now it has been shipped and as I as I receive it, barring any problems, I can give my final approval and have it released.

What this means is now I’ve got to finish devising the marketing plan for my book, and to begin putting some of the ideas into action.

Hopefully this afternoon, after a quick re-read of my second novel, this time it’s a still untitled adult Contemporary romance with a paranormal back story connected to it.




This afternoon I gave my approval for the cover of my book, and the set up for the text on the back; which means I should be receiving a PROOF COPY of my book in about five days.

Once I give my approval after receiving it, the long awaited release of my debut novel should take place about three days later on

When it does, I’ll supply the direct link there.

It’s hard for me to accurately relate how I’m feeling right, having a dream of finally writing and publishing a full length novel. But those who’ve already been here with their first writing endeavor know precisely how I feel.


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Well with my first writing endeavor making the way to its’ release day, and my having taken a few days rest from writing, I’ve returned to the world of imagination as I restart my second writing endeavor.

I orginally started my second journey of being an author while still writing my first novel, I Kissed a Ghost. Has you’ve read in my other entries I suffered from writer’s block and my muses wouldn’t leave me alone unless I wrote something, I did, and the only version I could find had ten chapters /17,800 [I might have had more but this is what I could find.] Yesterday, I restated by second journey by re-reading and tweaking the first chapter; and naturally looking at what I had written with a set of “new” eyes I’ve made changes.

It should take me a few days before I should be able to write any new material. This time I’m writing a yet still untitled adult Contemporary Paranormal. Another change I’m making this time is I’m writing everything as it would appear on an actual page of the book. I figure if I do this now, I’ll be able to save time formatting the pages when I’m ready to submit the manuscript for publication. Naturally when I get ready to deal with my editor again I’ll change everything to 8 x 11 doubled-spaced pages.

Stayed tuned to my future postings to follow what’s happen, and tell your friends about my blog.





A major event yesterday morning in regards to my debut novel, I Kissed a Ghost, I approved one of the second of two covers.  In additional to doing this I also:

1 – Submitted the text [BIO / SYNOPSIS ] for the back cover.

2 – Submitted the interior title /copyright/dedication and acknowledgements pages.

3 – Finally submitted the text for the novel itself after a lot a tweaking to make sure each page looked the way I wanted it to, including the headers for each page [odd numbered and even numbered pages]

What this means is by the end of this week, if all goes well, I should received a PDF.file for my entire book.  And once I review this file and give my approval I then will be able to get a PROOF COPY of my book—a copy where I can inhale the luscious aroma of the ink on its freshly printed pages.  Making sure this copy is the way I want my book to make its’ appearance into the world, I then give my final approval, and a few days later it will be FINALLY RELEASED at long last, and I can start the hard work of trying to market/promote.

Remember. I’ve posted several UNEDITED snippets from my novel on my website/blog and my other blog sites—so you can read some of what it contains.

THANKS for being with me as I made my maiden voyage to become a published author. And be sure to stay around as I embark on writing my second novel, this time an adult Contemporary/Paranormal Romance. I might even decide to endeavor to write a third novel [another YA] as I write my second.

Please feel free to tell your friends and family about my blog here as well as my Twitter account.