I know it’s been nine days since my last post, but I’ve been EXTREMELY busy marketing it especially since being surprised when my book appeared on Amazon as soon as I’d approved its release, instead of the several days I’d been originally advised.

The link to my debut YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel is http://www.amazon.com/Kissed-Ghost-Robin-Leigh-Morgan/dp/1480030031

The novel is also available on Amazon.co.uk Amazon.de

Amazon.es  Amazon.fr  Amazon.it


I’ve visited Amazon.com a few times already, however I haven’t looked at the sales ranking yet; and I’m not going to until after New Year’s Day, Wednesday, January 2nd after lunch. I want to see know well my initial marketing efforts have done. Before I began to write this entry, I checked the number of “LIKES” I’ve received so far every day around this time, and at last count I’ve received 21.  Hopefully, this will, when I check my sales ranking on Wednesday it will show a “decent” figure.

Since my last post I’ve also returned to writing my next novel, and have only written one additional chapter, and the word count so far stands at approximately 21,500.

The only thing different in the way I’m writing this novel is I’m formatting each page as I write, and what I get is a page resembling an actual page out of the book it. My goal each day I write is to type two such pages each day I write. I’d like to be finished writing the first draft by the end of April, before I begin the re-reads and editing.

Thanks for being with me as I made my maiden journey to authordom and continuing on to its marketing. I’d like to do blog interviews and perhaps a guest blog somewhere.

Lastly, I’d to invite everyone to follow me on

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Wishing all my followers and your families a VERY Happy New Year