Yesterday, I posted my first FIVE SENTENCE FICTION, which is when I had found about Lillie McFerrin’s blog.  [ ]  She does it on a weekly basis [on Mondays],  so going forwards I’ll endeavor to respond on her site each week, and then post it here for your feedback and participation.

Her word for this week is DELICATE and here’s my endeavor

 What is DELICATE really, but a word?

When you would first look at five-foot-two, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, hundred pound Mary you would see a demure petite young woman; a woman incapable of harming a fly.

But today is quite different, for today you see her being lead into the police stationed hand-cuffed for murder; the murder of a blind date which started out wonderfully, but turned terribly wrong the moment he walked her home and they reached her door.

It is there he forced himself in as she opened the door, immediately closing the door behind him and dragged Mary to the bedroom where he began to rape and have his way with her.

As soon as the rape began, Mary managed to reach into her knee-high boots to pull out the knife she kept there for protection and then shoved into her rapist heart, turning his face into a look of horror when he realized what the DELICATE creature he had in front of him had just done.




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Here’s what I wrote in response to Lillie McFerrin’s Writes – 5 Sentence Fiction for this week using the word “RINGING”. I’d love to hear your responses to the same.


    All I want is to escape to a place where I can have peace and quiet; and perhaps, that why I use  those noise blocking headphones when I get home; but, alas, the noise of the crazy day at work keeps RINGING in my ears, from which I desperately want to escape.

      So, I decide to watch one of my favorite old TV programs online on NetFlix using these same   headphones to hear the audio.           You would think this should be enough to stop this outside annoyance from RINGING in my mind, but it doesn’t.             All I want to some peace and quiet away from the Rat Race I which I apparently must live in, and now what happens; the RINGING starts anew, even louder than ever.     

       Then instant I finally decide to cast away the headphones from my head, I wake up; it has all been a dream, a dream from the days I had to work and this racket had been a reality I had to face each day; but now, being retired for three years, it’s sheer bliss knowing I can have the peace and quiet I had always wanted to have then.            

Would love to get your feed on this as well as your own 5 sentence fiction using the same word RINGING.

Lillie McFerrin has her site at

Your welcomed to take Lillie’s challenge as well.


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Hi All

It’s been a wonderful hectic eight days since my last post.  My debut YA Paranormal romance novel, “I Kissed a Ghost” has just gotten a superb review with 5 STARS.  It has also received 45 “LIKES” so far. Naturally I’ve been promoting this achievement for past three days.  Here’s the link to read the review for yourself.

Remember, you can read several UNEDITED SNIPPETS from the book here. Look for the heading “GHOSTLY WHISPERS” at the right.

I’ll be starting a new section here will be consist of a 5 sentence flash fiction involving a key word.  Would love to hear your feedback on what I’ve written.  I’d also like to see what you can do with the same word.




A lot of things have been having since my last post. To start with I apparently won the poll I’d mentioned last time, my debut novel tied for 2nd place, which hopefully will mean sales it begin to happen.

Someone had alert me to a problem on Amazon. The problem could be seen when someone would try to view the pages. When they tried they would see multiple fonts on a page. I had promised myself not to scroll down on Amazon to see the ranking of my book until the end of this month, when I did I saw no indication of any ranking at all. The problem did not get corrected until Jan 19th and I’ve been BUSY trying to get the word out that the problem had been corrected.

At least it got corrected before people needed to order copies of my book to the group read my book won the poll for.

Since then I found out my book got nominated for another poll, which ended a day sooner than listed. I contacted the person in charge of this poll and advised her about the situation, which has resulted in the poll being extended another day, ending at 11:59PM tomorrow, January 23rd.  The results than been listed briefly and has since been closed until the voting is over.  The results showed my book in 4th place needing 8 votes to tie for 1st place, and 9 to win.  I’d therefor would like for everyone to consider voting for my debut YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel entitled, “I Kissed a Ghost.”

The link for the poll is:—-general  You need to be a member on GoodReads and the group to vote [if you’re already a GoodReads member it only takes a moment to join the group.]

The link to Amazon for my book is:  The book is also available on

And if anyone is interested in reading several UNEDITED SNIPPETS of the book, they on this blog with the heading of “GHOSTLY WHISPERS.”

As far as my second novel is concerned, I anticipated I’ll be returning writing it the beginning of next month. The manuscript is for a still untitled Contemporary Romance with a Paranormal Romance back story interlaced throughout the storyline, it currently has 75 pages [formatted for a 6 x 9 pages] and approximately 21,500 words.

THANKS for being one of my followers and for your support.


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I know, December 29th had been the last time I posted an entry where I stated I wouldn’t look at the sales ranking for my debut novel, “I Kissed a Ghost.” However since then I changed my mind to wait a full month before looking at it. 

From my last entry until this past Thursday [Jan 9th] I’d been busy marketing my book.  On this day I found out to my surprise someone had nominated my book for a poll on GoodReads.—-whatever-reads-the-2-books-with-the-most-votes-will-win …  

So if you’re already on GoodReads, I’d truly appreciate it if you’d consider voting for me. However, to actually vote for me you need to belong to the group the poll is on—-paranormal-romance-urban-fantasy

It’s a good feeling when an author gets nominated, a feeling which can only be surpassed by winning.  The top two vote getters are selected for the group’s read for February. Naturally the moment I found out about my being selected I started to spread the news about it. Only after I did this, did I get a message from someone who pointed out a problem existed when you went to view pages of my book on Amazon. It showed the pages of the book having multiple fonts on one page; which might be the reason apparently no one has bought the book yet.  To see the problem I’m speaking about, here’s the link to my book o Amazon.

I’ve reported the problem and been advised this situation is being worked on, and everything should be corrected in the next few days. With my dream of becoming a published author fulfilled, can my dream of being a bestselling author also be fulfilled?

With all this happening I’ve decided to put writing my next novel on hold for a while longer, this will definitely become the case such happen to be selected in the poll.

THANKS for your support and being a follower.

Hoping everyone here and your families will have a VERY Happy New Year.