I know, December 29th had been the last time I posted an entry where I stated I wouldn’t look at the sales ranking for my debut novel, “I Kissed a Ghost.” However since then I changed my mind to wait a full month before looking at it. 

From my last entry until this past Thursday [Jan 9th] I’d been busy marketing my book.  On this day I found out to my surprise someone had nominated my book for a poll on GoodReads. http://www.goodreads.com/poll/show/77255-february—-whatever-reads-the-2-books-with-the-most-votes-will-win …  

So if you’re already on GoodReads, I’d truly appreciate it if you’d consider voting for me. However, to actually vote for me you need to belong to the group the poll is on   http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/29900-paranormal-addicts-newbies—-paranormal-romance-urban-fantasy

It’s a good feeling when an author gets nominated, a feeling which can only be surpassed by winning.  The top two vote getters are selected for the group’s read for February. Naturally the moment I found out about my being selected I started to spread the news about it. Only after I did this, did I get a message from someone who pointed out a problem existed when you went to view pages of my book on Amazon. It showed the pages of the book having multiple fonts on one page; which might be the reason apparently no one has bought the book yet.  To see the problem I’m speaking about, here’s the link to my book o Amazon.  


I’ve reported the problem and been advised this situation is being worked on, and everything should be corrected in the next few days. With my dream of becoming a published author fulfilled, can my dream of being a bestselling author also be fulfilled?

With all this happening I’ve decided to put writing my next novel on hold for a while longer, this will definitely become the case such happen to be selected in the poll.

THANKS for your support and being a follower.

Hoping everyone here and your families will have a VERY Happy New Year.