Yesterday, I posted my first FIVE SENTENCE FICTION, which is when I had found about Lillie McFerrin’s blog.  [ ]  She does it on a weekly basis [on Mondays],  so going forwards I’ll endeavor to respond on her site each week, and then post it here for your feedback and participation.

Her word for this week is DELICATE and here’s my endeavor

 What is DELICATE really, but a word?

When you would first look at five-foot-two, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, hundred pound Mary you would see a demure petite young woman; a woman incapable of harming a fly.

But today is quite different, for today you see her being lead into the police stationed hand-cuffed for murder; the murder of a blind date which started out wonderfully, but turned terribly wrong the moment he walked her home and they reached her door.

It is there he forced himself in as she opened the door, immediately closing the door behind him and dragged Mary to the bedroom where he began to rape and have his way with her.

As soon as the rape began, Mary managed to reach into her knee-high boots to pull out the knife she kept there for protection and then shoved into her rapist heart, turning his face into a look of horror when he realized what the DELICATE creature he had in front of him had just done.