Here’s what I wrote in response to Lillie McFerrin’s Writes – 5 Sentence Fiction for this week using the word “RINGING”. I’d love to hear your responses to the same.


    All I want is to escape to a place where I can have peace and quiet; and perhaps, that why I use  those noise blocking headphones when I get home; but, alas, the noise of the crazy day at work keeps RINGING in my ears, from which I desperately want to escape.

      So, I decide to watch one of my favorite old TV programs online on NetFlix using these same   headphones to hear the audio.           You would think this should be enough to stop this outside annoyance from RINGING in my mind, but it doesn’t.             All I want to some peace and quiet away from the Rat Race I which I apparently must live in, and now what happens; the RINGING starts anew, even louder than ever.     

       Then instant I finally decide to cast away the headphones from my head, I wake up; it has all been a dream, a dream from the days I had to work and this racket had been a reality I had to face each day; but now, being retired for three years, it’s sheer bliss knowing I can have the peace and quiet I had always wanted to have then.            

Would love to get your feed on this as well as your own 5 sentence fiction using the same word RINGING.

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