When I first saw the prompt of ABANDONED, I didn’t really know what to write and the more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t resist writing something which involved my debut YA Paranormal/TIme Travel/First Kiss romance novel, “I Kissed a Ghost”.

Mary Elizabeth had kissed a boy [Jonathan] for the first time just before moving away; and once at her new home she discovers she has a friendly ghost by the name of George living there.   He starts out by giving Mary a nightly kiss on her forehead, which doesn’t scare but intrigues her.    George begins to take Mary back in time a hundred years which enjoys, and she begins to like him because he [like Jonathan] likes her as the person she is, and she likes him so much so that when a gives him a special kiss at a special time he disappears for the last time.   Even though she understands what has happened, Mary feels somewhat ABANDONED now, because she has always had problems finding a boy who will like her for whom she is, instead of merely a person who can help them improve their grades so they can stay on the school’s team.  And now that George is no longer part of her life, will she now find someone new like George or Jonathan; which is what my debut YA Paranormal romance novel is about.



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I’ve been debating for the past week whether or not to post this entry and how I what should I say. Well to make a long story short two months ago I finally fulfilled my passion for writing and I succeeded at long last to self-published my debut novel, a YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel, which I entitled, “I Kissed a Ghost”. For those who have followed my blog you know I’ve had my fair share of trials and tribulations fulfilling my dream.  And when I typed that final elusive period of my manuscript I felt superb and in a state I can best describe as euphoria.  I paid to have my manuscript edited, as well having the cover designed.

Once my book got released on December 20, 2012, I, like every author proceeded to market/promote my book. I more than pleased to have received 62 “LIKES” on Amazon.  I got thrilled to have received a wonderful review on Amazon. However, someone who never read the book said the book would be swell it got read by a 13 year and then preceded to give it only one star. I guess this individual had to be an adult who decided to rate it as if she/he were reading it for themselves. Why would anyone take the time to write something like this? The only possibility I can see for this is one of jealousy of what I’ve accomplished, but then, who am I to say why this individual did this?

I’m happy someone had nominated me for a group read poll on GoodReads, and got somewhat elated when I tied for second place, which made my book part of the group read. I felt with this accolade, with over 6,500 members in this group, would result in some sales being generated. I felt great seeing the number of individuals who’ve indicated my book as a “To Read”.  But the truth be known, right now I’m feeling totally discouraged about my having written my book, and my future writing endeavors, simply due to the fact no real books have been sold. I wanted so much by now to have generated enough sales to have a Kindle edition made for my book.

So as it stands right now, I’m still plugging away at trying to find new venues to generate sales of my debut novel as it gets too repetitious to do it in the places I currently have a presence in. I’ve slowed down the re-reading and editing of the novel I mentioned in the above to no more than two pages a day, which will continue as I write to new material for it.  Nonetheless I will still be commenting on the blogs I follow. This slowdown of my writing will afford me the opportunity to have a greater presence in the two LinkedIn Groups I managed.

In closing, I’d like to tell, you, my followers I’ll still be posting my flash fiction endeavors, writing progress, etc.  Everyone here already knows about my debut novel and where you can get a copy so I’m not going to mention it again here. I’m willing to listen to any suggestions anyone might have as where I should try to get additional exposure. I’m willing to make myself available for blog interviews.  You can leave the information here or email me at  [Subject = Interview or Marketing Ideas.

THANKS for being a follower.


Robin Leigh Morgan


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This week Lillie McFerrin for her 5 Sentence Fiction , gave us the prompt word “CHERISH”, this is my endeavor for it, although it might seem to be somewhat self-serving.

Disappoint and Hope

I found Lillie’s word prompt for us this week quite interesting; after all she gave it to on Valentine’s Day; and as such the tendency would therefore to write about someone dear to us or about the subject of love.  However, aside from this, my CHERISHED desire and dream for the longest period of time had been to become a published author; and on December 20th of last year it finally came to fruition, albeit is had been self-published. Oh what a state of ecstasy I found myself in when it finally occurred. But, now that the euphoria has calmed down and reality has taken hold, I find an emptiest I never dreamt of having as I realize what good is being a published author if, for whatever reason, no one seems to be buying a copy of my book.  So now my CHERISHED desire has changed somewhat, I now want and hope to become a published author who has a “best-selling” debut novel under their belt, that’s provided I can find people to share my dream with.


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Being exhausted from spending hours online marketing and promoting my book, I decided to take a long needed rest from doing most of everything.

The latest thing I’ve done has been to get myself on where I’ve reposted my 5 Sentence Fiction entries.

I’d like to invite everyone to become my fan there.

As you can tell by now, I’ve getting involved in writing flash fiction and would love to hear your comments about my endeavor each week.  So look for my 5 Sentence Fiction posts. It’s a great exercise in creativity which I feel everyone will enjoy doing,

My book is currently in a group here in one of the groups for February.—-paranormal-romance-urban-fantasy   So naturally, I’d love for  you to participate and ask me questions about my debut novel.

Lastly, after having not written anything for my second novel for quite a while, as of today I’ve begun a SLOOOOW re-read and editing of what I’ve done so far [75 pages + approximately 21,500 words] and this time I’m not going to rush to write any new material for a while – writing about 500 words day once I get started.



This week Lillie McFerrin for her 5 Sentence Fiction , gave us the prompt word “PURPLE”, this is my endeavor for it:


The color PURPLE covers the entire spectrum of life itself, from the richest of people of royal blood who flaunt it in their clothes they wear, to the lowly peasant who’s mourning the death of a loved one.

But color PURPLE doesn’t make the person, the person makes himself through their acts; a person of royal blood who thinks himself better than those around him will not receive the respect of those below his station, while a poor individual who regularly gives of himself, will be treated with respect normally reserved for a king.

The lack of selfishness must be maintained at all costs; and placed above everything else.

So when it comes to war, an extremely small percentage will make the ultimate sacrifice and place their lives above everyone else’s, an act of pure valor which can only be symbolized by a  PURPLE heart.

Although small in size, a PURPLE heart is worth more than a hundred times its weight in gold, mere because of what it represents.

Would love to hear your feedback.

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