Being exhausted from spending hours online marketing and promoting my book, I decided to take a long needed rest from doing most of everything.

The latest thing I’ve done has been to get myself on where I’ve reposted my 5 Sentence Fiction entries.

I’d like to invite everyone to become my fan there.

As you can tell by now, I’ve getting involved in writing flash fiction and would love to hear your comments about my endeavor each week.  So look for my 5 Sentence Fiction posts. It’s a great exercise in creativity which I feel everyone will enjoy doing,

My book is currently in a group here in one of the groups for February.—-paranormal-romance-urban-fantasy   So naturally, I’d love for  you to participate and ask me questions about my debut novel.

Lastly, after having not written anything for my second novel for quite a while, as of today I’ve begun a SLOOOOW re-read and editing of what I’ve done so far [75 pages + approximately 21,500 words] and this time I’m not going to rush to write any new material for a while – writing about 500 words day once I get started.