This week Lillie McFerrin for her 5 Sentence Fiction , gave us the prompt word “CHERISH”, this is my endeavor for it, although it might seem to be somewhat self-serving.

Disappoint and Hope

I found Lillie’s word prompt for us this week quite interesting; after all she gave it to on Valentine’s Day; and as such the tendency would therefore to write about someone dear to us or about the subject of love.  However, aside from this, my CHERISHED desire and dream for the longest period of time had been to become a published author; and on December 20th of last year it finally came to fruition, albeit is had been self-published. Oh what a state of ecstasy I found myself in when it finally occurred. But, now that the euphoria has calmed down and reality has taken hold, I find an emptiest I never dreamt of having as I realize what good is being a published author if, for whatever reason, no one seems to be buying a copy of my book.  So now my CHERISHED desire has changed somewhat, I now want and hope to become a published author who has a “best-selling” debut novel under their belt, that’s provided I can find people to share my dream with.