When I first saw the prompt of ABANDONED, I didn’t really know what to write and the more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t resist writing something which involved my debut YA Paranormal/TIme Travel/First Kiss romance novel, “I Kissed a Ghost”.

Mary Elizabeth had kissed a boy [Jonathan] for the first time just before moving away; and once at her new home she discovers she has a friendly ghost by the name of George living there.   He starts out by giving Mary a nightly kiss on her forehead, which doesn’t scare but intrigues her.    George begins to take Mary back in time a hundred years which enjoys, and she begins to like him because he [like Jonathan] likes her as the person she is, and she likes him so much so that when a gives him a special kiss at a special time he disappears for the last time.   Even though she understands what has happened, Mary feels somewhat ABANDONED now, because she has always had problems finding a boy who will like her for whom she is, instead of merely a person who can help them improve their grades so they can stay on the school’s team.  And now that George is no longer part of her life, will she now find someone new like George or Jonathan; which is what my debut YA Paranormal romance novel is about.