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This weekend at the Trifecta Writing Challenge they’re asking for exactly 33 words including an idiom somewhere within. Examples of idioms include – add fuel to the fire or wear your heart on your sleeve.

Here is my endeavor in response to this week’s challenge:

Joe and Charlotte had a wonderful yet usual relationship in which they loved each other more after a huge argument where each one kept on adding fuel to the fire of their disagreement.




Here is my endeavor for this week’s prompt from Lillie McFerrin [] of FLAME


F rom the moment I first the light in her face I knew there was something special about her, something no one else ever saw.

L ove came easy, as it had been like Kismet had brought us together.
A nd yet, all the time I sensed there had been a hidden secret she held from me, because why has she returned her love to me when no one else ever had.
M aybe, I ever received any love in return because most people saw the beast I looked like, and not the person I am inside.
E nduring the pain of no love has finally ended before the FLAME on the candle of my life has burned itself out.
NOTE: Not only have I used the prompt in these five sentences has required, the first letter of each sentence also forms the word


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Just found another creative writing site, MagPie Tales [ ]

The instructions are simple: Write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured in this post as your inspiration. [I can’t seem to be able to copy the picture over to here.]

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to write a series of four different HAIKU

It’ll be just lovely
To look at me from behind
As others usually do

Please, is my hair combed
Without single strand astray
Perfect, glad at last

Are my clothes wrinkled
Because I’ve got no iron
For them to be gone.

Perfection at last
I now can venture outside
To imperfect world



I’ve yet another creative writing prompt called HAIKU HEIGHTS [] in which you’re required to write a response of 17 syllables in three lines, with the following breakdown of syllables in each line [5__7__5].  This week’s prompt word was  FORTITUDE, and this is my endeavor for it:

FORTITUDE is gone.
My job has been lost for now
Can only go up.

 Would love to hear your feedback.


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I’ve just found another writing challenge called TRIFECTA [] which offers different types of challenges. In this one you’re given three words and must enter 33 more to complete your response.  This week the three words are:  REMEMBER  RAIN   REBELLION.

This is my response:


Do you REMEMBER the day I lead a REBELLION against our dictatorial boss; the RAIN never dampen our fortitude as we stood united without a whimper, and he lost his voice yelling at us we’re fired.

I’d love to hear what you think of it.




Here’s my five sentence endeavor for Lillie McFerrin’s prompt of “PARADISE” on March 13th on her site  http://www.lilliemcferrin,com

Charlene and her husband Robert had been preparing to go on a two-week twentieth anniversary cruise on their new yacht away from everything including their three children for the past month; loading enough provisions to last a month in case something unexpected should happen. When the day came for them to start everyone had been on the pier to send them off, wishing them well and congratulations on their anniversary. Everything seemed to be going well until the fifth night when a tremendously fierce storm came out of nowhere, tossing their small craft so much they had to seek shelter inside their cabin; and where they both had been knocked unconscious when something fell out of a cabinet and stroke their heads. It wasn’t until well after midnight when they woke up, saw a bright light slowly diminishing, and felt the ocean which instead of vehemently tossing them around now became smooth as glass with the slightest sense of movement; that they hoped a PARADISE would be in sight when daylight broke. When daylight did break, they found them in a lagoon of what appeared to be a PARADISE island when they heard its natives singing; however this imagined soon changed drastically when instead of people like you and me, they saw families of apes frolicking on the beach.


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I’m a little late in doing this week’s endeavor for the prompt of “WHISPER” for Lillie McFerrin


Jennifer rushed into her home with her friends like gangbusters; loud and crude not realizing at first her mother, Barbara, was being questioned by three police officers who standing around her, she wanted to come closer to find out why these officers were here, however her motioned with her eyes to stay away.

As she left with her friends, Jennifer became extremely worried about the police being there and the way they’d been questioning her mother.

At the same time, when these officers no longer could she Jennifer and her friends, now wanted to know who these people where.

“They’re only my daughter and some of her friends,” replied Barbara nervously.

Hearing this, one of the officers pulled the other two aside and whispered, “What do we do now, because the woman we want has no children living with her?”



I’ve decided to stop writing my next romance novel for another week, and to concentrate searching for opportunities to be interviewed. I was so exciting about having my first one posted on February 28, 2013 and posting it all over, that I forgot about posting it on all of my blogs.

SHAME SHAME — I’ve been a bad Robin Leigh.

I didn’t realize it until I wanted to let everyone know that my second interview got posted today.

Anyway here is where you can find my interviews

February 28, 2013 – Dorothy Dreyer

March 9, 2013 – James Oh

If anyone here does interviews on their website or blog, I’d love to have the opportunity to be interviewed by you.

WRITING PROMPT – Trickle Down/Taboo


Using this prompt you’re supposed to write something. This week we had a choice of two.  And this is my endeavor for Trickle Down


The problem we’re facing in
Regards to our economy
Is no one wants to accept responsible.
Kicking it back unto to its proper course is
Like trying to put out a fire with lighter fluid.
Everything we try yields naught.
Don’t keep on repeating the mistakes we’ve made in the past.
Our future is at stake.
Winning is our only option, and
No stone can be left unturned.



George and his wife were in New York City to spend their fiftieth wedding anniversary and to check the contents of the safe deposit box for the key his uncle Robert had left him in his will, which was supposed to contain the proceeds of the tontine he had won a few years before.

As they crossed Fifth Avenue to reach their destination, George got struck down by a speeding bicycle messenger knocking him unconscious for a moment, before getting up, and then continuing on his way to the bank with his wife.

Once there, after presenting his credentials and identification, he got access to the box which they opened in the private room for this purpose.

With anticipation George slowly opened the box only to find it totally EMPTY, which caused him to lose his temper as he started throw the box around the room they’d been sitting in; ultimately hitting himself with it and knocking himself unconscious.

All George hear right now was a voice telling him he was sorry about hitting him with his bicycle, to which George replied that he was okay before turning to his wife to say, “Let’s get to the bank and bring the matter of my uncle’s will to a close, and then immediately leave this crazy city to go back home to the peace and serenity we love.”