George and his wife were in New York City to spend their fiftieth wedding anniversary and to check the contents of the safe deposit box for the key his uncle Robert had left him in his will, which was supposed to contain the proceeds of the tontine he had won a few years before.

As they crossed Fifth Avenue to reach their destination, George got struck down by a speeding bicycle messenger knocking him unconscious for a moment, before getting up, and then continuing on his way to the bank with his wife.

Once there, after presenting his credentials and identification, he got access to the box which they opened in the private room for this purpose.

With anticipation George slowly opened the box only to find it totally EMPTY, which caused him to lose his temper as he started throw the box around the room they’d been sitting in; ultimately hitting himself with it and knocking himself unconscious.

All George hear right now was a voice telling him he was sorry about hitting him with his bicycle, to which George replied that he was okay before turning to his wife to say, “Let’s get to the bank and bring the matter of my uncle’s will to a close, and then immediately leave this crazy city to go back home to the peace and serenity we love.”