I’m a little late in doing this week’s endeavor for the prompt of “WHISPER” for Lillie McFerrin  http://www.lilliemcferrin.com


Jennifer rushed into her home with her friends like gangbusters; loud and crude not realizing at first her mother, Barbara, was being questioned by three police officers who standing around her, she wanted to come closer to find out why these officers were here, however her motioned with her eyes to stay away.

As she left with her friends, Jennifer became extremely worried about the police being there and the way they’d been questioning her mother.

At the same time, when these officers no longer could she Jennifer and her friends, now wanted to know who these people where.

“They’re only my daughter and some of her friends,” replied Barbara nervously.

Hearing this, one of the officers pulled the other two aside and whispered, “What do we do now, because the woman we want has no children living with her?”