If you’d read my last post I’d a hectic few days in which I became the Manager of a LinkedIn group, “childrens book authors” [this is now the group’s name is spelled]
Now, a week later everything is running smoothly for this group, in fact, the changes I made here I also applied to the two LinkedIn groups I already own.  The interesting thing now is managing these three groups is taking me less time than when I only had two.

We have no children which meant we enjoyed the long holiday weekend just taking care of things which had been put to the side for some time now, and going out to our favorite restaurants.

One of my major achievements since my last post is finally writing another chapter of my still untitled Contemporary romance.  I haven’t thought of a title yet, however I’m going to try to have the last words of the story be the title as well; just like I did with my YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance entitled I Kissed a Ghost.

My next post, which I didn’t get to do when I originally had wanted to, will be later on in the day, and probably be after dinner.