Oh my I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve really posted anything new.  Well what would you expect, with my having to back up ALL of my files and have the operating system reinstalled? After which I had to reinstall the files to operate my printer/scanner/copier, followed by restoring my desktop to its pre-disaster condition, as well as restoring all of my files.  I then had to catch with the literally hundreds and hundreds of emails. In trying to catch up I’ve had my Twitter account suspended for several days.  If this wasn’t bad enough, the timing couldn’t have happened at a worst time, it coincided with us having all the kitchen cabinets replaced with a new sink. Imagine having everything from those cabinets being placed in boxes scattered through the living room, and the time spent put everything in those boxes and later having to return everything to its proper location in those cabinets; it a nightmare I know many of you know and can related to my own experience.

On a brighter note, before all this began, I’d become a Moderator for a group on LinkedIn.  Furthermore, in the past few days I felt quite honored as I’d been asked and I’ve accepted to become the Moderator for two more LinkedIn groups, this has made me feel quite acknowledged and honored, as I must be doing something right.

So if you’re on LinkedIn, I’d love to connect with you, just leave me a message mentioning this blog when you do.  You’re also invited to join my groups [mention wouldn’t hurt on the groups I moderate.

Here’s to the future, and more frequent posts on my part.