Well I’m glad things have finally returned to normalcy and I can once again start to have those little grey cells in my head start flowing again so the creativity I once had to write my next romance manuscript can finally return to me relatively unscathed.

And one of the things I used to love to do had been to respond to the weekly prompt by Lillie McFerrin to write a Five Sentence Fiction based on a single word.  This week the prompt word is FABRIC


F or the past weeks things kept on popping up which had prevent me from pursuing my normal and regular writing activities which usually made up the FABRIC of my daily existence.

A lone without a computer to aid me in these daily quests, I’d been left forlorn with more and more things needing to get done as each moment ticked slowly by.

BR eaking up my daily routine has created voids and nothing to fill them with.

I ncreasing impatient I’d become with every lapsed moment in my new world without an electronic connection to the outside.

C essation of my miserable state finally came to an end after about four days when I finally restored the programming to my printer and I could hold my newly created words for my next romance novel in my hands, and have the FABRIC of my daily existence return to its previous docile state.