This week Lillie [http://www.lilliemcferrin.com] has asked us to write a Five Sentence Fiction response to her prompt of MAGNETIC.  I couldn’t believe this has given me the opportunity to disclose part of the storyline of my second romance writing endeavor, a still untitled Contemporary romance.

After Jessica’s car accident, William Griffith, a volunteer firefighter, came to her aid by extricating her from her vehicle.  He placed her in a sitting position her against her car, making sure she was okay. After a few moments he saw Jessica trying to stand up and immediately went to her side to give his assistance, and as he held her against his chest, she felt a warm secure feeling which she never had experienced in a man’s arms before. Perhaps this is why she accepted his offer to drive her home in his SUV, and once there invited him inside.  After he advised her that the SUV’s battery had died and that he wouldn’t to get a boost until the next morning, Jessica offered Bill a spare room to spend the night, not knowing that this would be the relationship she’d always dreamt of having.

I would definitely love to get feedback on this.

Robin Leigh Morgan – YA Paranormal Romance Author

“I Kissed a Ghost”