Well given I’m finally returning to writing my second romance novel in earnest, I’m back here where hopefully I’ll once again use Lillie’s prompts to get the creative juices inside those little grey cells I’ve got inside my heading flowing again.

This week Lillie McFerrin has given us the prompt of “MALICE” with which to write our Five Sentence Flash fiction.  PLEASE leave your comments and if you’re not already following blog here, I’d like to invite you to do so.


M urder is the action Sean decided to take against the person who had cheated with his wife.

AL one on a deserted dark street near the person’s job would be the location.

I n an instant it would happen, in a wink of an eye the ghastly deed would take place, and it was so done.

C arefully making sure he has any evidence which would connect him to the crime, Sean begins to run for his life.

E scaping from the scene Sean immediately trips on the wet pavement and wakes up a moment later; for luckily for him, it had only been a dream.