<p>I woke up somewhat early this morning, still half asleep, the first thing I did was to check my email where I found an interview where I did a few weeks had finally gone live. I immediately reblogged this interview onto two of my blog sites, then to begin spreading the word about it.

Being still tired about 45 minutes later I found myself needing to go back to asleep. By the time I finally got up again it was almost noon, and luckily for me, my OH had already done the laundry. With my OH out for a few hours to do some banking, run some errands, pick up a prescription me, and eventually return with some food around 4:30 PM. Having such a late lunch is a good thing for me; heavens know I could lose a few pounds.

Anyway by the time my OH arrived home, I had already typed about three pages, finished checking my email and did some more posting about my interview on the internet.

After consuming my much need sustenance I returned to my writing until around 6:00 PM. I had started the day out only wanting to type a single chapter however as the chapter began to form on the pages on my computer screen I noticed that instead of only one chapter today, I’d be better off creating two; making the split where there’s a shift/time change where I would have only typed three centered asterisks before continuing the chapter.

The end result today for my writing efforts today resulted in my having written two chapters, consisting of nine pages and approximately 2,500 words.

Manuscript Count now stands at:

Chapters = 17

Pages = 112

Words = Approximately 32,600