It’s Thursday and once again Lillie McFerrin  [] has offered up another one of her prompts for her Five Sentence Fiction blog.

This week she’s chosen to give the word “DANCING” as the word to base your endeavors. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my endeavor where once again I’m using an acrostic format.  I await your comments so I can respond.



DA NCING has always been the favorite pastime for Michael and Charlene ever since they met at their high school prom.

early fifty years ago there, they sat, two wallflowers staring at each other while everyone danced.

ursing themselves that no one had come over to ask for a dance all night simply because no one would have thought they had the ability.

IN secure, Michael finally got up the nerve and timidly turned to ask Charlene for a dance, which she nervously accepted.

G  racefully they started to dance to the amazement of everyone there; their dance card now filled for the rest of the night, and the rest of their lives.