It’s been four days since I last wrote an update. Well here’s up I’ve been up to since then.

On Friday, aside from personal errands and having lunch at the senior center [guess I’m that old], I spent the entire day marketing my 99cent promotion on KINDLE which ended on Saturday at 11 PM [PT].

I now have three flash fiction submissions accepted for an anthology which is due out next year.  And given their length, I’ve been asked to submit some more. It’s a great a way to get some additional exposure.

On Saturday, my OH and I watched “Monsters University” on a DVD from NetFlix.  Yes we both still enjoy watching animation films.

As far as my writing is concerned on

Saturday 11/23  I wrote seven pages with approximately 2,300 words. 
Sunday    11/24  I wrote six pages with approximately 1,600 words.
Monday   11/25  I wrote two chapters, consisting of nine pages and four pages with approximately 2,900 and 1,100 words respectively.

Given I’ve written 20 chapters, 136 pages and approximately 39,700 since the beginning of November, while I fear the steam has run out for my ability to write at the same rate anymore, I’ll still endeavor to reach 50,000 words by the end of this month.

My Total Count Now Stands AT:
Chapters = 34
Pages = 234
Words = 68,367