Debut Author: Robin Leigh Morgan

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Time for Love

From Christina: Robin stopped by my author page one day and left a comment. I replied, we chatted back and forth, and she told me about her debut YA novel, I Kissed a Ghost. I loved the title, and I invited Robin to share a few thoughts about her experiences as an author.  Enjoy!


By Robin Leigh Morgan

Some of us who have chosen to write fiction come from a variety of places. And by “a variety of places,” I’m not referring to a physical location; I’m referring to our writing experiences.

There are some of us who have enjoyed writing since we were children, and each year, by writing something in school, it improved. For some of us, it continued until we graduated college and began working. Some of us entered the work force taking jobs, which required us to write, whether it was procedures, handbooks/manuals…

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Well here we are another Thursday and another prompt word from Lillie for us to create our own little five sentence fiction response. This week she’s given us SILVER, and I feel like taking a somewhat different approach to what many of us will consider doing.


As we enter our senior years what do we as a grandparent remember of the ones we had? We remember the home cook meals our grandmothers made for all of our family gatherings. We remember how we could always go to them to get the things our parents wouldn’t get for us.  They were our second home when our parents wanted to go on vacation go they could get away from us spoiled brats for a week or more. But most all we can remember the twinkle in their eyes and the SILVER in their hair.





Whose shoes are these which have been left on my back porch?  Perhaps they belong to the kind gentleman who carried me home on his back after my car got stuck in the mud a mile down the road.  I wanted to invite him to stay until the rain would stop falling and he could dry himself off, but he said he needed to leave, just like the husband I once had who used to wear the same kind of shoes, but he got buried with them on. Could they be a sign that someone will return one day to claim them?


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Just a quick note:


My inability to write anything further is developing into a definite dry period in which not an ounce of movement can be seen on the horizon to write the next word. Anyway in the meantime I’ve gotten five flash fiction submissions accepted for an anthology whose theme is HIV/AIDS. Most of the submissions have been rewrites of previous FSF endeavors, and one which I’d originally written with the prompt word of “ALONE”, the word has now been used as the prompt word by Lillie McFerrin for her Five Sentence Fiction blog site.




Well today I’m back giving my response to Lillie’s current word prompt for this week and not the retro ones I’ve been doing recently. I also want to THANK Lillie for choosing the word I’d sent her as this week’s prompt and I hope everyone has fun responding to it.


All had been marvelous in Alice’s, an unwed mother, life since she’d just given birth to a gorgeous baby girl.

Loving her child came easy as she also had a job which paid her enough so her child would never go wanting.

Only there was a dark specter looming over Alice and her child that no one saw coming, a specter which came during a normal occurrence which everyone at one time or another might have experienced during a hospital admission or a visit to the emergency room.

No one would have expected that the blood transfusion she’d received during the caesarian delivery of her child could have been contaminated with the AIDS virus.

Ellen, the gorgeous child Alice had given birth to, now has to go through the rest of her life with the love of strangers and not that of her own mother.

Notice the acrostic format this week, some which is almost becoming a trademark of my responses.


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My worst fears have materialized.  After writing 21 chapters, 140 formatted 6″ x 9″ single-spaced pages, and about 40,700 words in about 20 days during November, my mind is blank on what to write next. However, I did write about 750 words / 3 pages for part of a scene in which Jessica and Warren are discussing something related to her dream house for abused women and their children.

If anyone has read any of my Five Sentence Fiction posts, you’d know by now I loved to do them. So in the interim, I’ll be posting about three or four retro responses for the Lillie McFerrin’s prompt words I’ve missed prior to my following her site. [].  I’d love to hear everyone’s response to what I’ve written, and I’d like invite everyone to consider following her site for the wonderful writing exercise her prompts gives each week. You might be able to attract some new followers for your own sites,




It’s Thursday, and once again Lillie McFerrin [http:/] has posted her weekly prompt word with which we’re to base writing our Five Sentence Fiction. The word Lillie has given us for this week is  HIGHWAY.



HI llary knew precisely what she’d love to do for the rest of her life once she’d graduate college.

G aining the sheepskin while important it wouldn’t do anything to move her closer to her ultimate goal.

H owever, meeting the right guy who possesses the right amount of money and power could move her within inches of her desired success.

WA iting for the green light on the HIGHWAY of her destiny would now only be matter of time and patience.

Y et, there’s only one small problem with this happening any time soon; for you see Hillary is only twelve years and is full of the dreams and expectations of a woman beyond her years.