My worst fears have materialized.  After writing 21 chapters, 140 formatted 6″ x 9″ single-spaced pages, and about 40,700 words in about 20 days during November, my mind is blank on what to write next. However, I did write about 750 words / 3 pages for part of a scene in which Jessica and Warren are discussing something related to her dream house for abused women and their children.

If anyone has read any of my Five Sentence Fiction posts, you’d know by now I loved to do them. So in the interim, I’ll be posting about three or four retro responses for the Lillie McFerrin’s prompt words I’ve missed prior to my following her site. [].  I’d love to hear everyone’s response to what I’ve written, and I’d like invite everyone to consider following her site for the wonderful writing exercise her prompts gives each week. You might be able to attract some new followers for your own sites,