Well today I’m back giving my response to Lillie’s current word prompt for this week and not the retro ones I’ve been doing recently. I also want to THANK Lillie for choosing the word I’d sent her as this week’s prompt and I hope everyone has fun responding to it.


All had been marvelous in Alice’s, an unwed mother, life since she’d just given birth to a gorgeous baby girl.

Loving her child came easy as she also had a job which paid her enough so her child would never go wanting.

Only there was a dark specter looming over Alice and her child that no one saw coming, a specter which came during a normal occurrence which everyone at one time or another might have experienced during a hospital admission or a visit to the emergency room.

No one would have expected that the blood transfusion she’d received during the caesarian delivery of her child could have been contaminated with the AIDS virus.

Ellen, the gorgeous child Alice had given birth to, now has to go through the rest of her life with the love of strangers and not that of her own mother.

Notice the acrostic format this week, some which is almost becoming a trademark of my responses.