It’s Thursday and once again Lillie McFerrin has given her readers a new prompt word from which we’re to write a Five Sentence Fiction. The prompt word she have us today is:  MOMENTS, and this is my response endeavor for this word.

Ode to My Wonderful Wife

MOurning the loss of my sweet darling wife these past seven days has totally exhausted me.

MEntioning her wonderful traits when I speak to others I no longer have the ability to cry because the reservoir of my tears has dried up.

Never again shall I be able to caress her ivory body or kiss her soft tender red lips.

The wonderful MOMENTS that we shared will always be an essential part of my being.

So how can I search for someone else as others have suggested, when there’s no one else who would even come close to the way she and I have always been; a couple whose union could only have been made in Heaven?

Notice the acrostic format I used here with the letters of the prompt word beginning each sentence.