Here’s my response to Lillie McFerrin’s most recent prompt word of “CLUTCH.”  This week aside from using my almost trademark acrostic format, I tried to use two different meanings for the word.


 CLarice held tightly to the jewel-encrusted small bag she held in her hand on that fateful.

 Unfortunately she had no way of it had been stolen the previous night by her new, good-for-nothing fiancé.

 There she was, proudly walked on the red carpet to see the premier of a new Hollywood blockbuster with her new fiancé by her side, smiling at all the photographers taking pictures; unaware of what would happen in just a few short hours.

 Cheerfully leaving the premier she didn’t have a care in the world until she noticed their surroundings.

 Hiding in the throngs of people she noticed several police officers staring at them, so in a CLUTCH Clarice threw her bag into the crowd, causing a commotion in which she and her fiancé could flew the scene without being seen by anyone.